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The using method of Equation Editor

1.Open the software Microsoft Word.
2.Click the menu INSERT, and click the item above OBJECTS.
3.Choose MICROSOFT EQUATION 3.0 in the poped-up dialog. See also the picture caputred there[1]
4.Discover by yourself wile you entered. The details please see also the picture.[2]

The using method of Geometric Board

Making a triangle

Make three points (Press down SHIFT for contactly) and use the SEGMENT under GRAPH command to make a triangle.
NOTE: Use the method that pressing down SHIFT, the best advantage is that could choose three points at the same time.

Make a polygon

Draw some points first (You can press SHIFT without releasing to have a multi draw); and use the SEGMENT command under GRAPH menu(Or press the shortcut keys CTRL+L) to draw a polygon.
NOTE: The order of choosing points is very important. Different orders will make differend kinds of polygons.

Making a line

There're three types in the tool LINE-DRAWING - SEGMENT, RAY and LINE, draw in the graphic area while you choosed the items

Making a round

There're three methods to make a round: Use ROUND-TOOL, draw through two points, and use centre-point and radius(this method making a unchangable round in identified length, in addition to change the identified length, or the radius is unchangable.

Making an arc

There're three methods to make an arc: Selct three dots in order and make arc( use the transclock rotation from the starting to the end); select a round and two points on it( Make from the first point with transclock rotation two the second point); select three points on the circle( similar with Method 2, but it's useless to choose the round, while made the arc, you can hide the original round, and the new arc will be visible.

Making arcures and roundparts

Like the triangle inside(select three points first), arcures and roundparts include FACE not only SIDE. arcures and roundparts is similar in methods. Use those methods to make arc, choose it, use the ARCURE INSIDE( or ROUNDPART INSIDE) under GRAPH menu to make the shadow part of ARCURES and ROUNDPARTS.


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