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  The historicans may know the unexisted Maya Culture, Mayas left at a particular time, nobody konws where did they go. Until now, it still is a mystery. However, Mayas gave me too many problems, their predicts came true on 98 per cent. They preknowed the product date of cars and aircrafts.   Someone may ask, how did they know something in the future named car, this is also the mystery thing. In Egypt, some Mayaists, found them in their lived place and some stones......   The three great disasters in human's history, one of them was happened on Mayas, though they predicted them they can't change. That one, i.e. my words above, the unfoundable Maya culture.   According to Maya Calendar, earth's history typed as five solar centuries, means five great disasters, the four of them were past.   While the fifth solar century coming, the sun will be destoried, the earth will be quaked, disaster happened here and there, the earth will be destoried thoroughly, according to Maya Calendar it is 3113, convert to Gregorian Calendar i.e. Dec 22,2012.   Although many nations are having doomsday predicts, but why Maya Predicts could be important, it's because of Maya Calendar have a very right calculation. From Maya Calendar, they were know the earth round-running be the centre of sun's time is 365 days 6 hours 24 minutes 20 seconds, the mistakity is very small.